Saturday, April 27, 2013


Decided finally what to do:

Paid $640.55 to Am Ex -- paid new charges, interest and $200 on the balance.

Paid $553.06 on MC - paid new charges, interest and $100.00 on balance.

I still have $300 cash to deposit and next month is a 3 pay period month which is so nice.  The third check no insurance is taken out so should be around $1000 instead of $600.  Can't wait.

This month's debt goal is to get below $30,000.  I will need $2301 paid to do this.  It can happen but I need to sell some things, be real frugal and just put everything to debt.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Financial Friday

This week was productive.

* Balanced checkbook.
* Transferred $600 from Ally to checking
* Transferred $300 from Credit Union to checking
* Transferred $400 from savings to checking.
* Am working on determining how to split up money for credit card payments.
* Am working on listing school books on amazon, on my Etsy account and putting some stuff on E-bay.  Also we have a local trading post on Facebook that people seem to be doing very well selling will try that too.

Started working out at the gym tonight, walked 3 miles.  Membership is free because as a benefit from where I work.  Working up to a half marathon in September.  I have a long way to go, lot of walking, lot of losing weight before that is going to happen.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Financial Friday

Not much this week.

Submitted my receipts for my Medical Reimbursement Account.  Need to sit down with the family and figure out how to spend the rest, who needs dental appointments, who needs glasses before the end rush to get the money spent.  My portion was about $80.00.

Won $41 at the casino.

I ended up sick so didn't do much of anything except work and sleep.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Knitting and Reading

Love to knit and love to read.

Still slogging through The 12 Tribes of Hattie.  I want to get it done so I can sell it while the book is still relatively new.

There has been production since I last blogged.  I have finished a dishcloth.  Really, I love to have a dishcloth on the needles, very easy to take with you.  Some people are so, "I'm never knitting a dishcloth" but they are quick and easy doses of success.

Next I have almost finished a Green Bay Packer hat.  All that is left is the tassels.  The yarn is crappy acrylic but it was on sale, it looked like a fun easy knit and it was.

Lastly I have started my 2nd sock.  Actually I had forgotten that I had the one sock done, was digging around and tada, there is was, so might as well finish it.    Love the yarn,  love the color Regalia Kaffe Fassett.

Froze 9 bags of asparagus tonight.  Unfortunately I picked up our Bountiful Basket this past week, had purchased a case of asparagus and didn't get to it until tonight.  It was starting to go bad.  It was a great deal, I would like to buy more case specials like that but not if I can't get to it.  I also got a case of 8 containers of strawberries. Three of those were eaten fresh, I froze 4 bags for smoothies and make 6 pints of jam.  It seems so early to be starting preserving but with the prices I can get the produce for it is well worth it.

Can't wait to see what others have posted at Ginny at Small Things.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Financial Friday

What a phenomenal week.  Things kept going well....will try to keep them going.

3/27 - Transferred $62.00 from paypal to checking.
3/27 - Paid $200 for Haiti trip.
3/27 - Paid AmEx $704.46
3/27 - Paid MC $236.63
3/29 - Deposited a portion of my tax return $1900.00 (we used a portion for home improvement, this was the balance that was mine).
4/1 - Deposited $180.00 ($40 son taxes I fronted him; $140 in cash won at casino)
4/2 - Paid MC $800.
4/2 - Paid AmEx $1000.14
4/2 - Purchased Bountiful Basket food $59.50
4/4 - Paid MC $600
4/4 - Paid AmEx $600
4/5 - Payroll

Balances will be updated.  So excited with the progress this week.