Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Shelf

In reading other blogs to find out the books I will want for my book shelf, "Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving" has shown up several times. I bought it today and am probably going to be returning it. Unfortunately it is not really what I want which may just be my expectations. I am really wanting an all encompassing book including fermentation, canning, dehydrating, wine making, etc. So many of the recipes in this book are for foods that do not grow in the upper Midwest. Sorry Borders but it is going to come back. I obviously need to do more research. My son would say not to buy a book as everything is on the Internet, but what if for some reason that is not available.

The more blog reading I do the more I feel a need to start my food storage, especially this summer after a good garden. Will be home in the Midwest in January and am slowly going to start buying extra. My husband will have a coronary but that is okay. If I'm wrong and the economy doesn't go to crap no harm is done.

Will probably be ordering garden seeds this month yet. Probably will be looking at a 2 year (minimum) supply. One of the books I want to look at is Seed to Seed, on how to save seeds. I don't have a clue but may be a necessary skill to learn.

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