Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reference Books

After searching several blogs and doing a lot of reading this past weekend I picked up the book:

The Backyard Homestead by Storey Publishers.

It is fabulous, I inhaled the book and learned a lot on where to start, what to look for as far as soil and drainage, beginning information on chickens and bees. The information regarding my Hardiness Zone Map was invaluable, I live in Zone 3 but looking at the temperatures that encompasses I actually dip into Zone 2 occasionally (-50 degrees).  Yikes.

The next step is to order some seed and plant catalogs and begin planning. Also I think I will contact our local Ag Agent and see if they can help determine what fruit trees will survive and thrive in our climate. I will spend the money to get good plants but I want them to be hardy enough to survive and produce the food I am wanting.

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