Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrift/Estate Sale Finds

This past weekend D, J and I went to a fabulous estate sale. They are always kind of sad, going through someone else's stuff. Anyway I got some great stuff. The first picture is a Martha Pullen Pleater which I paid $7 for, $160 new. I'm not sure if it was every used. The stickers are still on it and the manual and warranty card are in the box.

The second picture is two packets of patterns for the American Girl Dolls. I really don't know why I got them except they were a good deal which is not a good enough reason, maybe I'll sell them on E-Bay. The origami I am going to use for Christmas. At this point I want to give gifts in a package that can be either used for something else or in a package that is recyclable.  Each was $1.

The third picture is cotton yarn. I don't have a clue what I will make but I think I have enough of each color to make something light for a baby in summer. There are four balls of the blue and three of the black/white variegated ( I wonder where the third ball went to, its not in the picture?). Each ball was $.50.

The husband did decide definitely to put his name in for the job. Obviously time will tell the outcome, I am just ready to stay put. If we stay where we are now I want to buy some property and quit renting. We have the money to get started, even though we still have our home in New England which has been for sale for 2.5 years.  I estimate it will be at least another 2 years before it sells.

Currently working on some Christmas Gifts, knitting. Will show pictures as items get finished. The New York Wool and Sheep Festival is this weekend, it will be fun. Right now it is raining so hope it gets totally done with that before Saturday.

Did some shopping at Rite Aid tonight. Spent $41 and will get $47 back in rebates. Bought cough drops, baby medicine, nasal spray, and others. No picture as it is already put away.

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