Friday, October 8, 2010

New Style of Living

Instead of writing a journal in a book, I'll journal online. This will hopefully be my journal of successful life style change. A change from living in the Northeast to Midwest, moving from the "McMansion" to the rural setting and producing a majority of our food.

My motivation has several facets. I have a very strong feeling that our government is heading us into the ditch and we will have to be able to provide for our own families and that times are going to get very tough. Also I feel we need to treat our planet more gently. I'm not a tree hugger but do believe we have to do better than we are. Finally I want to provide nutritious food for my family. Food that I know what has been put on it and where it came from.

I have a five year plan, which is probably way to simplistic, but it is my plan and it is at least something to start with.  By the  year 2017 I want to be totally self sufficient and have retired from my job which is totally not fulfilling.

My Ultimate Goals:
1. Fruit sufficiency.
2. Vegetable sufficiency.
3. Chickens for eggs.
4. Honeybees (?)
5. Wind Power.
6. Financial Freedom (savings and investing).
7. Debt free.
8. 100% Homemade Holidays.
9. Proficient weaver (money generator).
10. Made from scratch eating.

Tomorrow I will post my first year goals which my year starts in 2011. Obviously I am giving myself the luxury of a few month's head start but that is okay, it is my life.

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