Sunday, October 10, 2010

Never settled

My head is going to explode. As soon as I think we are settled somewhere my husband is looking at another job. If we move again I told him this is it, the last time. I want to settle, plant some trees, grow roots, develop friendships, have my children feel they can move close to me and I won't move away.

Year 1 (2011) Plans:
1. Purchase a farm vehicle (small pick-up).
2. Plant fruits/vegetables:
    A. Raspberries
    B. Strawberries
    C. Apples
    D. Blueberries
    E. Juneberries.
    F. Red Rhubarb
    G. Asparagus
    H. Kiwi bushes.
     I. Peach trees (?)
     J. Pear trees (?)
3. Take two weaving classes.
4. Pay off American Express.
5. Save to $38,000 in 401K plan (Current approx $30,000).
6. Save $2,000 in Online Bank.
7. Save $1000 in local credit union (emergency fund).
8. Plant garden.
9. Purchase property.
10. Get rid of 360 items.

That is it, year one, the foundation, the start. This is certainly doable as long as I stay focused. Tomorrow I need to start my 401K deductions again.

Had a lovely weekend. The weather was mild, in the 60s and breezy. I'm working on getting some of the stuff done around here that never seems to get done. Cleaned the garage doors and the light fixture in the kitchen. Tomorrow D, J and I will go shopping, pick up a few items. Went to an estate sale this weekend which was fabulous. I got a $160 pleater for $7, some yarn, origami papers and American Girl patterns. It was great fun. D got a manual typewriter. For some reason she loves manual typewriters. It came with a cute little desk. We found some books and building toys for J.

Roasted a chicken for supper, it was yummy and will have leftovers potpie or Enchilada's on Tuesday. Also made brownies and applesauce muffins which are really good too.

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