Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy Day

What a wonderful, busy, productive day.  Shampooed all the carpets (husband and son), dusted everything (me), planted blueberry bush (son and me), planted two pots of flowers (me), finished Mockingjay (me), dug up area for herb garden (me), laundry (me), and misc other things.  I should have gone into work but am on burn-out with all the over-time lately and love being at home.  Only one thing on my list of things I really wanted to get done this week, that is pretty good.  The book Saving Max needs to get read by Monday night because book club is Tuesday and I have to cook on Monday as I am hosting book club.  The menu will be a frittata, coffee cake and fresh fruit, along with coffee and water. That is enough.  We always have way too much food.

With looking for dirt yesterday it we bought it at Wal-Mart it was going to be $100 for our raised bed garden.  I need to ask around work if anyone has dirt we can buy for the garden. I have a hard time paying that much when we are trying to grow things to save a few bucks.

Have 3 books listed on E-Bay.  I much prefer reading a book than reading on my I-Pad.  It is less expensive in the long run for me anyway after I resell my books.

D & J (our youngest daughter and her son) are moving back in with us in about a month.  She lived with us for about a year, went back to NC to be with her husband and they are just not making it there, so she and her son are moving back.  The job situation is night and day.  ND has 2% unemployment, grocery clerks make $13 an hour, $19 at McDonalds if you will work over the lunch hour.  It is crazy right now.  The oil activity has changed everything or we would be sucking wind like the rest of the country.  So obviously we are having to do a lot of shuffling to make room for them but they are very welcome, it will change her life.

S (my youngest son) is home from college and will be working at the hospital as soon as the criminal background check and drug testing is done.  He is very excited and has the opportunity to work many hours of over-time which is good because he is broke.  The boy does like to spend money.

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