Friday, March 1, 2013

Financial Friday

Excellent week financially.

1. $40 won at the casino.  You will never hear when I lose because I don't play with my own money.  My husband gives me $40, if I lose it that is fine, if I win I have to pay him the money back and I get to keep the excess.  It is a total win for me.  He likes going to the casino, I go because he wants to. If it wasn't for him wanting to go I would never go.  What a huge waste of money.

2. My son's $200 federal tax return came so he can sign that over since I gave him an advance on it.  That will go directly to credit cards.

3. Payments were made on both credit cards this week -
          $340.13 to MC new balance: $8900
          $375.97 to Am Ex new balance $26540

4. Have listed a book to sell so hopefully that will go.

5. Applied for a different job....not totally qualified but maybe they will take a chance if the perfect person doesn't show up.

6. Had a meeting on my Haiti trip.  Because of donations and fundraising our trip expenses at this point are going to be under $200.  Our minister is pretty sure there will be other donations to cover that, what a blessing.

Other than that which I think is good. Anytime the balance is going down on the accounts it is a good week.

Goals to achieve financially in March:
1. Have MC balance at $8700. (may use the tax return to pay on this)
2. Have Am Ex balance at $25900.
3. Decide if I am going to continue with my cell phone plan.  I hardly use my phone and need to look into a prepaid or some other type of phone.  My son is on my plan also and he hardly ever uses his phone.  It is $115.00 monthly that seems like a total waste of money.

The coordinator in Haiti has certain things, wants so to speak, for the mission groups.  This time on the list is teaching 4-5 older kids at the orphanage to knit.  How could that be more perfect?  Right up my alley although I have never taught anyone how to knit so may need to practice.

Cleaned out the freezer today, what a waste of money.  Threw a bunch of old vegetables out that were very freezer burned.  I really thought I would like a chest freezer but I really prefer an upright.  It seems to me an upright is so much easier to find what you have stored.  This summer I think I am going to sell the two chest freezers we have and buy a nice upright.

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