Friday, March 15, 2013

Financial Friday

Trying to pack for trip, leaving on Sunday, cannot wait.  Haiti here I come.  I am hoping for a life changing experience, probably have put too high of expectations.  I want to make a difference. Am having a little bit of restlessness.

Anyway money $$$$$.

Paid $300 on Mastercard.  I want to be at my goal of 8700, but I have used this card for a few items for the trip so in actuality I am not going to update the tickler bar until after I get the bill and pay for any charges made this month.

Paid $367.18 on American Express.  Weird number I know.  I charged $167.18 on this card and will not be charging anything else.  Will pay off what was charged and a little extra.

Worked 1 hour of overtime.

Didn't hear from the job I put an online application in for (hate those) very random if you get selected.  But, am going to put in for a promotion where I am currently working.  If I get it I dread telling my boss, like will be so sick and unable to sleep dread it.

This paying off my credit cards is going slow.  There is a big job fair on 04/03 for a new grocery store in town.  That is where I am contemplating getting a part-time job.  $12.50 for cashiers, not bad for part time.  I will get tired but I need to get moving on these debts.  It was so much more fun to buy the stuff than it is to pay it off.  Plus there are things I want to purchase with cash once the debt is under control/paid off.

Only one book on e-bay sold for $34.00, greatly disappointed but my husband is right that it is not the right time. Will try again at the end of the summer.   Huge yard sale coming up this summer too, 1/4 of the garage needs to be cleaned out.

Now the big dilemma is how much knitting to take.  Will I even get the needles on the plane.  We have a 4 hour layover one place and 9 coming back.  If I have nothing to do I will shop which is not a good thing.  So a book and knitting to occupy my time will definitely help.

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