Friday, March 8, 2013

Financial Friday

This week is a bit of a downer.  I wish people on e-bay would bid.  I have about $600 in textbooks listed, a lot of people looking but no one bidding.  I'm sure they will wait until the end but it is a little frustrating.  I am hoping to sell at least $300.    If they don't sell I will put them on Amazon or something like that and just let them linger.

I got 4.5 hours of overtime this week which is wonderful, probably will next week too so that will help tremendously on the next paycheck.

Got paid this week.

I deposited my son's tax return, I had fronted him the money.

I have taken over my daughter and son-in-laws savings accounts since they are too irresponsible.  They now have $5700 saved since I took it over about a month ago.  I am also making them start paying me back ..... so this paycheck had them give me $50.  Her husband is all for it, my daughter is not too excited about this arrangement.  They would have nothing if I didn't do it and they would never move out which is the ultimate goal.

Goal this next week is to pay out the $250 (son and daughter $) and also portion out this paycheck.  I just need to decide how much goes where.  Also need to get out cash from savings for my Haiti trip.  Leaving one week from Sunday.

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