Friday, February 1, 2013

Financial Friday

This week was boring in financial news.  I did not list anything with e-bay to make extra money but did work a little overtime so that will help.

I bought three sodas this week for a grand total of $3.75.
1/29 $9.85 for food (supper)
1/30 $2.00 for food

I also put $40.00 into my envelope for the month of February for my spending money.
Balance is $46.15.  I really like following Dave Ramsey's program.  It makes sense and is easy to work.

For any extra payments this week I am putting $200.00 onto my Mastercard.

One good thing financially this week is I found out that where I work provides the Hepatitis B vaccine series and a tetanus shot for free.  I need both of them for my Haiti Trip.

One bad thing this week is I committed  to paying $1,000 to tile my laundry room.  I know I shouldn't have but I really want it done, it would be the only area on the first floor that we have not put down hardwood or tile.  It looks really bad.  This week I will give my husband $300.00 to apply to that balance.

At this point I either want to get going on E-bay sales or try to figure out a way to work a part-time job for some added income.    My head says it is easier to work a part-time job but I really still want to get rid of all this stuff I have.  This summer my daughter and I are also going to have a yard sale.  About 1/4 of the garage is full of stuff to get rid of.  It is overwhelming and wasteful.

I am so glad it is Friday, has been a long cold week.  Yesterday was -18 today should be in the 20s, a heat wave in comparison.

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