Friday, February 22, 2013

Financial Friday

This week was super unproductive.

02/16 - Won $30 at the casino (husband's money)

2/22 - Bid on some used stuff from work.  Really don't care if I get any of it but definitely have people who can use older computers, a file cabinet that was never used and my son-in-law wants to write a book on a typewriter, so I bid $2.00 on one.  Like I said I really don't care if I get any of it, nothing necessary but in total if I win everything it will be less than $20.

2/22 - Worked a 40 hour week, no overtime :(

2/22 - Got paid with 3 hours of overtime from the last two weeks :)

I am still waiting for my Mastercard bill before I make my payments.  I need to cover both minimum payments and then decide what to do with the extra.

Gave my son an advance on his tax return money.  He owes me $200.00.

Also today made my son go apply for a job.  He goes to college full time and is doing very well but he can still put in some time for a job and stop whining about having to watch his money.  He has a nice sum in savings but I won't let him have it, mean I know.  If he had access he would piss it away, doesn't really have the concept of eating at school for free (already paid for) versus going out for a pizza which would taste so much better.  If he wants to go out, he works.

Tonight will make a desert for a funeral tomorrow.  A good friend from church, her mother passed away this week, sad week.  Tomorrow will be hard.  I'm glad I can help.

Am looking at a possible new full time position.  I would continue working where I am for as long as I can keep it up.  The combination of the two would be most advantageous in keeping this bill paid off much quicker.

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