Friday, February 8, 2013

Financial Friday

Overall a good week.  There was one time eating out this week so not an expensive week food wise.  I got paid this week which is always good.  Am going to put $100.00 on Mastercard and $400.00 on American Express.

My son unexpectedly received $625.00 reimbursement from overpayment last semester for college.  I pay for his college so he got $125.00 and I scheduled a $500.00 payment on my Mastercard which has his latest semester charged on it.    After I had it scheduled I received notice that my American Express was lowering my credit balance. WTH.  I know my balance is high but I always make more than minimum payment each month.  Well I got ticked, unscheduled my payment for the Mastercard and put it on the American Express.  It has now become the card I want to pay off first.  My big fear is they lowered it to within $200.00 of my credit limit.  Once interest posted for the next month I would be over my limit, they could charge an extra $35.00 over the limit fee.  Not happening.

For extra money I have four books listed on e-bay, three are definitely selling one is a maybe.

Also, for more good news my place of employment screwed up my withholding last year (actually they messed up everyones).  I am scheduled to get within the next two weeks approximately $400.00 reimbursement.  Straight onto the credit card it will go.

This weekend we are going to stay home for the whole weekend so hope to finish up ironing the shirts on my to do list and also list a bunch more items.   I hope by the time I go to Haiti to have sold about $500.00 worth of stuff.  I want another extra payment to the Am Ex.

It seems like it will take forever to get this paid off.  Ugh.

American Express - $27,401.00
Mastercard - $9.000.00

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