Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Goals

It is so easy to get distracted.  We went shopping today.  For us to go shopping based on where we are located, the bigger city is 2 hours away.  So when you go shopping, you plan and you shop.  Groceries are so much cheaper when we go to the bigger city and what is available makes you take advantage of the opportunity.  We were driving around going to Staples and a little Fiat 500 was sitting in the lot.  It was so cute, I got so excited we went and looked at it.  Of course it had to be in the perfect color, red; 2012, current; and only 5,000 miles.  You know how you get so excited you don't think logical.  Logical says you are not getting this car, emotion says "oh it is just so cute".   So after thinking, mulling, working numbers, trying to talk myself into it ....I finally talked myself out of it.  Maybe next summer but right now it is the credit cards and only the credit cards that cash is getting thrown at.  I hate when I lose focus.  My husband doesn't help with comments like "it is the perfect car for you".  Yes it may be the perfect car but the timing stinks.  So I'm over it, yeah.

This week has some very specific goals:
1. Decide what I am choosing as my Lent discipline.  I have never really given serious thought about giving something up for Lent as a means of building discipline. This year I will, but I want to decided to either do something or give something up that is going to make me work at it, not just doing something that has no meaning or challenge.
2. Finish the fingerless mitt for my sister-in-law.
3. Finish a knitted frog.  This is one of those projects that has been on my list forever.  I have two arms, the head and sewing it together.  It will take one night to finish it up.
4. I sold four books on E-Bay this week, they need to be mailed.
5. We stocked up on groceries, I need to put them away and reorganize our pantry, it has become a mess.
6. List all patterns on E-Bay.
7. List 3 books on E-Bay.
8. List 3 skeins of yarn on E-Bay.
9. Knit 25 rows on scarf (check on Wednesday, I'll post a picture).
10. Send in Menard's Rebate.

I am motivated to continue to make a little money from E-Bay but also continue to get rid of items.  It is nice to see a little more space where there used to be something I no longer had a need for.

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