Friday, February 15, 2013

Financial Friday

My Friday blog posting is boring although probably the most exciting for me.  Financially this week was really good.

2/10 - Went to the city and went shopping (this was not good other than I used my debit card and really didn't spend over $200.00)
2/11 received withholding error from work $417.00 ($400.00 in checking)
2/12 - Extra payment $500.00 to American Express
2/12 - Won $11.00 at the casino (only gamble with husband's money)
2/12 - Received notice of payment due on Am Ex ($286.12 interest :(  Credit card payment is out of next check on the 22nd for both MC and Am Ex).
2/15 - Extra payment to Am Ex of $400.00 from withholding error.

Final customer on 4th book sold on E-bay has paid so will get that mailed tomorrow.  This weekend will be busy listing more items, a large volume.  Also I have decided that to really get going on this goal and get these two credit cards paid off I need a part-time job.  My dilemma is to figure out if I should get one now or wait until mid April.  My thinking is I will be gone 10 days in March and a week the first of the month in April.  I hate to take a job, even though they would know up front upon hiring, and then miss time.   I need to decide by Saturday a time line.

Does anyone out there know a good tickler to use for keeping track of balances on credit cards?

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