Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yarn Along and Reading

Still working on the same book, Minding Frankie.  Just not into reading as much as I am enjoying knitting.  Maybe it is a weather thing, maybe it is just a I like to knit thing.  Who knows.

I am trying to get my finances into check.  Love to spend money and even though I realized that I was spending more than I should I chose to do nothing about it and ended up having a balance much higher on my credit cards than I should  have.  In my efforts to not spend money I am knitting from my stash and pulling out older projects that are WIPs.  I wish I was monogamous with my knitting but I'm not.  There are always at least 4-5 projects going at a time.

The project that I have decided to try to complete is a Kaffe Fassett scarf I started a very long time ago, maybe 5 years even.  It is made out of Kid Silk Haze, is fun to knit with but with this pattern you use two different colors and there are many color changes.  I started this as a new knitter and did not weave in the ends as I went.  Now I am maybe 1/4th of the way done with the scarf and have a zillion ends.  There is a border on the scarf so am going to incorporate the loose ends into the border and secure them that way.

The colors are beautiful.

Can you see the haze of the yarn?

This is supposed to end up being 60 inches.  I obviously have a very long way to go.  See those loose ends.  I tucked a lot of them under the scarf.

Pattern:  Earth Stripe Wrap
Yarn:  Kid Silk Haze

No one does color better than Kaffe Fassett.

Check out Ginny every week for her Yarn Along.  Wonderful inspiration.  There are so many talented people every week that post their projects.


  1. Mmm... those colors are really beautiful together. I'm knitting from my stash this year as well, for the exact same reasons. This is the year we are determined to get out from under the debt! Trips to the yarn shop aren't going to help my cause, so it's stashbusting for me.

    1. Funny, no trips to the yarn shop won't help your cause but aren't they therapeutic. I love walking up and down the shelves and just feeling the yarn. I kick myself in the butt sometimes because of my stash. The new yarns that are out have such pretty colors and soft textures but it is hard to justify buying new when I have so much old. Best of luck getting out of debt, it was so much easier getting into it unfortunately. What a long haul.

  2. this is so beautiful, i had thought about making it too. i must be looking at a different pattern, i thought the earth stripe wrap required at least 10 different colors. yours looks really lovely with the two!

    1. It does take about 10 different colors but you use two of them at the same time and about every 2 to 5 rows change at least one of those colors. Sometimes the one of the colors is carried for another set of two rows and then both colors change, sometimes it is only two rows and then they both change. It truly is a fun knit, a bit expensive if you use Kid Silk Haze.