Friday, January 11, 2013

Financial Friday

This is the post I dread, the confession post.  I have a great job, not a job I love but a great job and I make decent enough money for my education level.  For the level I spend I should be at a doctorate level.  So in that vein I have debt, enough debt that it makes me nervous with the economic conditions as they are, it makes me irritated that I feel I have lost control and every month when I get the bill and look at the interest I get angry at myself.  So here goes.

American Express - $28,000.00
Mastercard - $9,750.00
Christmas money to deposit - $300 or 350.00

Money available:
Reimbursement credit card - $1.56
Victoria Secret Gift Card - $22.18
Coldwater Creek Gift Card - $42.51
Target Gift Cards - $15 and $50.00
Starbucks Gift Card - $5.00 (So I can use the internet if needed)
CVS Bucks $3.50
Staples Rewards $23.50
Cash - $43.00 (misc)
Cash $40.00 (budgeted)
CU Savings - $15.33
X-mas Club - $150.00
Savings - $213.74
Checking - $381.14
Ally Savings - $376.08
CU Savings - $149.72
Paypal - $51.47
CU Checking - $213.22
ING - $62.65

Money Owed:
Daughter $1,869.50
Son $697.00

Obviously some of the savings accounts need to be consolidated, some of them are used for various purposes.  The CU checking is so my mother can transfer money to me.  That is how she handles my children's birthday and Christmas gifts, then I just write them a check or get cash.    But some of the other accounts I either need to consolidate or withdraw the cash and pay on my credit cards.

Since the start of the year I am giving myself $40.00 monthly spending money.  The $43.00 above is misc cash that I had.  I am not including it in the budget (I know probably wrong way to go right).  So far this month (since the totals were gotten) I have spent $1.50 on a soda.  As soon as I put the money in the machine and hit the button for the soda I kicked myself.  It was a waste of money plus I am trying to cut out coffee and soda from my diet.

I am realistic enough to know I will not get this all paid off this year, but 50% would be a great start.    If anyone leaves a comment please encourage, give advice don't scold or demean, I know it wasn't a smart thing to do, I don't need to be reminded.

In my goals starting next week I am going to start aggressively selling some books on Amazon and other things either through Etsy or E-Bay.  There is the possibility of a part-time job I can do from my home also which would make a huge difference.

I will be getting paid today and will probably pay another $750 on the Am Ex and $250 on the MC.

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