Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday/Friday Post

Why do I feel so unmotivated.  My goals for the week are still going to be the same as last week for the third week in a row.  Need to get off my butt and get going.  About 1/2 of the shirts gone done, but the goal was not achieved.  Truly I am motivated in the big picture, it is the day to day that I can't seem to get going on.

Financials for Friday are:
 1/20 - Auto Gas $46.05
1/20 - Supper - $20.62
1/21 - Soda - $1.25
1/23 transferred $50 from Paypal into checking.
1/24 - groceries - $$$ forgot to record it.
1/24 - Kum & Go - $9.87 food for son-in-law and cough drops
1/25 - Payday !!!!!!!!!!

All my credit cards payments are due so will make those this next week and then figure out what extra I can put to them.  A charge came through on my Mastercard for $294 which I thought had already cleared, it is legit, a hotel bill from our daughter's wedding but all the other charges from the wedding cleared I guess I assumed this one had to.  So that is a little higher than I would have wanted but such is life, it will get paid.

The husband and I went away for a mental health break from the rest of the family.  We are trying to be supportive but it is difficult.  Honestly I don't know how multigenerational families did it for years on end.  We are coming on the end of our first month and it has been difficult.  We will continue to make it work, for my daughter and her husband to get in a better place we have to have patience.

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