Friday, January 18, 2013

Financial Friday

This week went very well.

1/14 - $2.00 soda and candy bar
1/15 - $1.25 soda
1/16 - $2.74 cough drops
1/16 - Committed to Haiti Church Trip
1/16 - $1,000 paid on MC (extra payment)
1/18 - Transferred Ing Money to checking, closed accounts.
1/18 - Returned a Christmas gift that didn't fit, $106.50 back into my checking.
1/18 - $1.25 soda.

Need to stop the soda (bad for you) and the candy (again bad for me)....I could stand to lose about 45 pounds.  This does not help.

I was interested in going on a Haiti mission trip with our church this year, starting talking about the possibility last year.  Finally decided that I felt the need to go, asked off work, got off, then was planning the budget.  I will probably need to contribute $500.  My mom feels pretty strongly that I need to go and wants to make a contribution (which in actuality because of her generosity will be $500).  Between fundraising and her contribution I don't believe I will need to pull money away from paying off the bills for this trip, if so it will be minimal.

Was a good week, low spending and a lot of organizing, cleaning, planning (other than I missed my first day of work for being sick in three years).  Irritating.  Obviously I truly was sick.

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