Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday To-Do List

Well last week was for the most part disappointing in goal achievement, so all the goals stay and I am only adding a couple.

This is my biggest project this week.  I let my ironing pile up, then it is overwhelming, but I have to get through it and this week is as good as any.  So #1 on my list is getting this ironing done.  I would bet there are at least 50 shirts in the pile.  I did 12 already today, it is looking better, but still way to much. When looking at this I also have feelings of what a waste, why the need to have so many.  These are all my husband's shirts except for perhaps 1 or 2.  Maybe if I bombard his closet with ironed shirts he will stop buying them....honestly I doubt it but it is worth a shot.

One goal that was nice to get done was the magazines on my desk.  It went from this:


So much nicer.  I have learned that when I go through magazines any more to tear out what I want to read if I don't do it at the time, if I want to look up something on the internet or make a recipe, pull it out and get rid of the magazine.  These magazines have been there for probably a year, they looked bad but were not in the way.  I have many of these little "projects" i.e. stacks or boxes of stuff, tackle one a week and they will all eventually will be taken care of.  Looking at the picture the eyes looking at you are kind of weird, I want to try to do the make-up like she has it and it is a reminder to me.  I should probably put it somewhere else, kind of creepy.

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